With Covid-19 becoming a national crisis, public health has become a priority, and regulations passed to ensure people stay safe. Social distancing has brought challenges for retailers, and the need to regulate the number of customers in the store.

Occupancy detection systems adopt the latest people counting solutions to help you as a business owner to regulate the number of people in the store. Occupancy monitoring solutions calculate the real-time occupancy rate depending on the brick and mortar store capacity and will send alerts to restrict access to the store when the occupancy limit is reached.

Reasons for Getting Occupancy Detection Systems

Implementing the regulations by the government come at a cost, and you need to choose the best solution that fits the needs of your store. These are the reasons why you should consider occupancy monitoring sensors;

1. Optimizing Store Layout

One way of raising the occupancy limit of the store is by optimizing store layout, especially parts of the store where most customers visit inside the store. This is by creating more spaces there ensure the customers can practice social distancing without putting their health at risk and get the goods faster as they don’t have to wait.

Optimized store layout can also be achieved by putting highly sought goods in highly accessible positions to reduce the time spent by one customer in the store.

Even at a time like this, queue management is crucial; keeping customers waiting in line for a long time is not suitable for your business. Reducing the time spent by customers will ensure that your customers are happy, and your store rarely hits its occupancy limit.


2. Cutting Costs

You don’t need to hire more employees to count and restrict access to people into the store, which requires you to give them the employee’s benefit. For occupancy monitoring solutions, you only incur the upfront hardware cost, which will be offset by minimal ongoing cost.

You will make more informed decisions on staff rotation and help with workforce optimization.  It also helps with identifying the products most and least needed by customers daily, which will help you cut costs and give you an edge against your competition.

3. Return on Investment

Unlike other solutions, you will have a real-time occupancy monitoring system that will help you make better decisions for your store, to cut costs, and maximize sales opportunities.

The occupancy detection systems are accurate as they are designed to count people and do it efficiently. Even with multiple entrances and exits, these sensors will calculate occupancy in real-time. You won’t be caught off-guard when the occupancy limit is reached.

Taking advantage of occupancy detection systems will not only help you comply with regulations but also maximize sales and improve the customer experience. Customers will come back to a store that does care about their health.

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