The use of video analytics allows you to have innovative retailing. When hiring out a place of business, especially in a large store with lots of customers coming in, you need to know what happens with every inch of the store. Ultimately, every space needs to give you value. To do this properly, you can employ the latest technology called heat map analytics. With this technology, you can transform cold and hot zones into vital data and metrics.

Having said that, let us now look at how this technology will give you better ROI (Return on Investment) in your retail business and (or) overall public places.

Optimize your layout for better sales

Because this analysis is a color visual presentation that allows you to review all the activities in your store, supermarket, or any large public area, you can quickly make a comparison. Cold colors will let you know where less activity is taking place while the warm colors will allow you to see where more business is taking place. In other words, you’ll ascertain where the action is. With video analytics, you will understand if it is easier, for example, for customers to move from the shelves and aisles to check out using a particular route.

If, say, you are looking at how people exit your lobby, heat-mapping can help you know how to react when there is a stampede in the mall. This alternative will aid you in clearing out obstructions that might slow down exit in case of an emergency. In the case of shopping customers, video analytics gives you the capability to strategically put new products where you want to grab the attention of your customers or shoppers. Put a wow display at the end of the aisle or lobby area which has a heavy concentration of customers or visitors.

Loss Prevention in cold zones

If you have a security camera installation, the software will readily work with it. It has been established during research that theft, hooliganism, and terrorism might start from cold zones (areas that have very little traffic). Heat-mapping software will aid your security personnel to put their attention around empty aisles and shelves which shoplifters usually exploit.  Also, when you integrate your point of sales (POS) with your heat map analytics, you take control of your checkout registers by allowing your staff to check in real-time if there is a counter without anyone. This way, you help your team serve your customers better. Combined with the fact that you can also view your shelves in real-time, it makes managing your stock a lot easier.

If you would like to take advantage of heat map analytics, make your operations smooth, and make more sales, then you can consider using our services. With an experienced team and engineers, we will exceed your expectations. If you are ready, please contact us