People counters or footfall counters are among the newest AI gadgets that have been modeled to simplify metrics in retail. One of the best metrics you can record for your business is shopper traffic. The footfall counters give information about the times when people visit your shop the most, the parts of your shop where they visit the most and also to prevent theft. Here are tips that can help you get the best people counter for your business.

Choosing the Ideal Foot Counter Type

It is important to understand how each of these people counters work. For instance, infra-red counters are so accurate that they can even use height measurements to exclude children and count the adults only. Stereo video counters are also able to measure and record the sections which customers visit, and the length of time they spend in those sections. Your unique metric needs will help you determine the best counter for your needs.

Link Analytix people counting system provides high accuracy and convenient counters to your business. And also, people counting reports are high easy-understand and simple. There is no wonder that store owners or managers willing to have counters data anymore. It provides the best store analytics for managerial control and decisions. Visible and efficient results in stores are the most important factor to survive in a competitive environment.


The Accuracy

One of the qualities you should be worried about most in people counters is their accuracy. Some counters will have a difficult time giving you accurate measurements, especially when it is dark. But Link Analytix provides the best counter system in accordance with your business. Thanks to these conventional door counters, you can optimize your staff, store layout and marketing/sales strategies.

Other crucial considerations to think of in connection to these counters include setup and configuration. Hire an expert to help with configuration if you aren’t sure how to do the setup. You can also use remote validation tools to ensure accuracy. If you are looking for a reliable company to provide and install people counting software, visit us at LinkAnalytix.