BlueBox League software is analogous to a sports league where retail stores are the teams and their employees are the team players. For a thriving retail business, it means putting the workers in charge of generating sales, which in turn, earns them points in the system. Its built-in algorithm calculates various transactions between customers and cashiers in retail stores, saving you the trouble of comparing results between stores by organizing the data into real-time statistics.

The BlueBox League is essentially a motivational tool to empower your employees towards a single goal: Completing their assigned tasks using the most updated equipment available. If you need a faster way to collect data analytics for driving sales performance, then the BlueBox software will notify you of new updates from your employees. This includes information about specific deadlines on when to order supplies from your vendors or inspect operational equipment to determine its production quality.

BlueBox League Boosts Employee Motivation using Real-Time Statistics

BlueBox also displays your best-selling products, as opposed to the worst sellers of the day. It allows you to prioritize sales activities that would align your marketing campaign with a customer’s interests. You can decide where items should be placed on the shelves based on the recommendations given. BlueBox provides an advanced dashboard outlining store analytics, accessible to any customer service or sales associate.

The key to smart retail is knowing how to optimize your retail business, accounting for the large volume of interactions between your employees, loyal customers, and suppliers. Opportunities for increasing are usually revealed when you research a new market. The dashboard indicates exactly how many items are in stock and were purchased after a shopper leaves the check-out line.

Another factor to consider is employee motivation: Since BlueBox shows which tasks were completed each day, it lets you offer immediate feedback to any employee in response to their performance score. One additional feature of the BlueBox League is the option to set goals for other users. It incentivizes users to earn points, especially if they get to see the results of their efforts or were promised discounts for company purchases.

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