In today’s world of extreme competition, the key to achieving business success lies in using data analytics. In the retail business domain, sales can be effectively increased through retail sales analysis. Gone are the days of relying on guesswork. Instead, as a business owner, you need to focus on raw, hard data to get better sales volume and provide improved services.

Becoming data-driven is easier said than done. However, there are tools available in the market that help you to effectively harness your retail sales data, analyze them and implement solutions based on them. At LinkAnalytix, we understand the needs of your business and have developed a unique solution that utilizes retail sales analysis to take your business to the next level.


What is Retail Sales Analysis?

The primary goal of our retail sales analysis tool is to use data effectively to increase store retention. This involves studying consumer behaviors at the store and then translating that data into valuable insights. The entire process aims at improving the sales rate, thus growing the business of our clients.

The sales analysis involves using various tools to successfully carry out 4 steps as elaborated below. The entire process is aimed at facilitating our clients to make effective business decisions.



1. Understand

This step is all about understanding the behavior of the shoppers and gather all pertinent data with an aim to increase sales.

2. Evaluate

The data collected in the previous step is thoroughly studied. Data includes both customer behavior and the details about the business operations. The goal of this step is to convert all the data into valuable insights.

3. Operate

In this step, solutions and strategies are formulated based on the insights gathered in the previous step. These are then implemented in the stores to achieve better sales volumes and customer satisfaction.

4. Optimize

This involves further optimization and development of the retail processes that are used in the store, with an eye on the future.


Our Sales Analytics Tools

One of the primary differentiating factors of our tools is that they are designed to focus on the employees as well. We believe that unless the relevant data is made available to the employees of your business, it will not be possible to achieve true growth. Hence we aim to equip the people with the data they need to improve the sales.

Two of our most prominent sales analytics tools are RetailFlux and BlueBox. While the former carries out in-store shopper tracking and footfall analysis, the latter provides in-store business intelligence through predictive machine learning.

Our retail sales analysis tools are built to provide you with the best results and gives you a competitive advantage over others. Contact us to learn more about these solutions and how you can benefit from them.