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To succeed in the retail space in 2020, you have to be sharp. Store owners know that collecting data in order to best meet the needs of customers will bring them the success that they want. While many understand the basics of retail video analytics, the topic of staff exclusion often goes overlooked.

Staff exclusion refers to the need to filter out the behaviors and tendencies of the people who work at your store from those of the shoppers coming in. It is achieved by using a precise and accurate AI algorithm in order to help the cameras in your store to differentiate employees from customers. For example: If you are a retailer that has a greeter at the entrance, the system would catalog each individual person that comes and goes from the store but would refrain from collecting any data on said greeter.

Importance Of Staff Exclusion

The use of staff exclusion to find relevant data and sort it away from less pertinent information is crucial. It will allow you to focus on actionable information and behaviors that relate only to your customers without your employees skewing things. Staff exclusion allows for the building of more accurate customer profiles, which in turn makes it easier for retailers to create offerings that drive purchasing decisions. It also makes it easier to identify single customer journeys.  The average consumer will likely come into contact with one of your employees when in your store, so being able to keep the center of attention on the customer without disruptive readings from the worker is invaluable.


Benefits Of Staff Exclusion

The increase in the availability of quality data will allow for more accurate targeting strategies. These strategies can then be leveraged to help obtain a higher conversion rate. A higher conversion rate will of course lead to more sales and long term sustainability and profitability. So, staff exclusion aids in increasing the stores’ most important performance statistics. Staff exclusion will help in the creation of a more effective and profitable store.

  • Our unique AI algorithms separate customers from employees.​

  • Real time monitoring of all identities​.

  • Perfect ”single customer journeys”​

  • Possible to develop shopper segments ​

  • The only system that works for 2D cameras​

  • Precise & inexpensive ​

  • GDPR safe

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