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The reasons a retail business might consider fundraising can vary; some entrepreneurs can no longer bootstrap their business and continue to scale, whereas others might need additional business funding to manufacture their next round of orders, to invest in digital marketing, or for product development.

We consulted with a handful of retail founders to learn more about their fundraising experience and asked them to share their top three tips for a successful first round of small business funding.

This advice pushed Schulte to have awkward conversations with investors about women’s periods and the products that were currently on the market. These conversations also helped her overcome some of the other critical hurdles that early-stage entrepreneurs face, like building a team, getting traction on a product, and, in Schulte’s case, proving that her product is safe and high-quality.

“I didn’t have a lot of money when starting Flex, and it was a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem,” says Schulte. “I needed a product before investors would believe in it

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