We will normally achieve ​

4-12% increase in ​conversion rates  

We do the same type of analysis for stores as we do for shopping malls

Sector analysis is the process of identifying certain hot spots of activity within your store. These hot spots can be varied, ranging from where the high demand products are to major displays inside the store. Knowing where these high traffic zones are located is imperative to successful layout planning.

Traffic and flow

Creating an optimal flow of traffic is one of the first aspects of the layout that should be addressed. The goal is to create a well-structured and organized arrangement of the store. This will achieve two things that will help the health of the business. First, it will make shopping smoother for consumers. While some tight quarters are an inevitability, spacing out the high traffic areas will make it so navigation of the store aisles is more fluid and manageable, creating a better buying experience. Second, having the high traffic sectors located throughout the store makes it so that customers will go through the entire place, exposing them to a wealth of products that could catch their eye. This will create leads and capitalize on potential impulse buys.


Identifying cold sectors

The other side of sector analysis helps in identifying parts of the store that are lagging behind the others. These “cold” zones are places that do not draw much foot traffic and in turn, do not generate as many sales. Bringing up these struggling areas is vital to the health of the store. Using sector analysis will shine on a light on these low impact regions and facilitate the effective focus of marketing activities in order to give them the boost that they need.

Sector analysis and the use of data in order to create value in every part of the store will in turn create more sales and better profit marginsBlueBox Sales. Our sector analysis planning will generally achieve between a 4 and 12 percent increase in conversion rates. This is a statistic that cannot be overstated, as it can be the difference between being in the red or in the black.

  • How is the traffic and shopper flow to every part of the store?

  • What about the conversion rate in each sector? 

  • How are our marketing activities working in creating TRAFFIC in every part of the store?

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