Does retail task management software really increase productivity? Consider these two eye-opening statistics:

  • 77 percent of high-performing projects use project management software.
  • 87 percent of high-performing companies use project management software.

In fact, nearly seven years ago, Forbes described task and project management tools as a “godsend for business and employee productivity.” What makes employee task management software such a valuable tool? Here are four key features of BlueBox Monitor that make it ideal for both managers and employees.

Get real-time updates: Retail campaign monitoring is made easy with a clear dashboard that shows the status of all tasks and projects at all times. Managers are able to get a real-time overview of all current tasks, who is working on them, where the task takes place and the timeline.

Deliver clear directives: There’s no miscommunication when using this tool for best practice documentation. Employees receive clear, written instructions that include what the task is, where it takes place and the deadline.

Photo documentation: allows for greater collaboration and recognition. Employees can upload a photo of the completed task to their dashboard. This feature boosts morale since no one’s work goes unnoticed. Additionally, employees completing similar tasks can learn from their peers.

Give immediate feedback: Employee performance tracking is made easy. Managers are able to view the photo documentation and give immediate feedback. They can follow-up with constructive feedback or an additional task.


How do you get started? There’s no need for any software installation or IT assistance. Simply log in to the BlueBox web page. You’ll immediately be able to assign tasks to other users who are registered.

Completing tasks on time is essential for any successful business in any industry. Take control of your tasks and projects, and empower your employees with the right tools to increase their productivity. Contact us to learn more about how retail task management software can benefit your business.