RetailFlux is the technology-leading provider of retail analytic solutions in the market. It offers the latest innovations in people counting, staff exclusion, heat mapping, queue management, and shopper flow. RetailFlux solutions are supported by a secure cloud-based business intelligence platform that leverages best-in-class artificial intelligence technology to analyze collected data. RetailFlux technology is used by large organizations around the world in sectors ranging from retail, banks, transportation facilities, and public buildings.


With RetailFlux, you are able to monitor your shoppers and get summaries of their actions and activities including passersby, impression, and dwell. You are able to see just how many people went inside your store, what sections of your store they linger or dwell the most, where they stopped, and son. Camera views from different angles enable you to generate shopper flow, dwell time, and impression events.

The software uses the information it captures to provide you with easily understandable graphical visualizations that indicate your shoppers’ movement. This functionality helps you to quickly recognize a shopper’s journey, including the minute details. You also get a clear view of the queueing areas and all the related indicators and data like the number of entries to queue area, the average service time of your staff, abandonment rate, and more.

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