Queue management is an unsung hero of customer service, although, to many consumers, the term itself may not be familiar. Any customer who has ever plucked a numbered tab from a kiosk to procure their spot in line for service at a butcher shop has had their experience enhanced by queue management. A well-ordered customer queue is a difference between a handful of satisfied people waiting patiently for an employee to handle their transaction and an unruly mob looking for a manager to take their complaints.

As the technology available to improve consumer experiences in the retail industry continues to advance in leaps and bounds, queue management technology has remained at the forefront of the industry by decreasing customer wait times and improving employee productivity. Still, the line control aspect of queue management in retail shops is, to many people, the most important application.

Properly implemented, top of the line queue management software, such as PQueue, will improve time management by tracking customer arrivals and wait times, avoid potential conflicts between customers, and optimize customers’ shopping experiences.

Time Management

Time is the most important resource and aspect for people today. When employees can quickly and easily move from one transaction to the next without having to track who arrived in what order, more customers can be served in a shorter time frame.

Conflict Avoidance

In the often high-paced retail environment, it isn’t always easy for customers to keep track of who arrived before or after them. By tracking entries in the queue, you not only avoid those conflicts, but you can also tell when additional employees may be needed before a minor wait can escalate into an angry complaint.

Customer Satisfaction

Just as important as knowing how many customers have entered into your queue and how long they waited for service, is the ability to track the number of customers who left before being served. By detailing a pattern of customer abandonment, PQueue helps retail stores prioritize their staffing needs for maximum customer satisfaction.

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