We will normally achieve a

cost reduction of 6-9 %

in man-hours & increased customer satisfaction

RetailFlux Predictive Queue Management

Any successful business has done its best to have made its customer experience as seamless as possible. The entire concept of queue management has centered around gaining beneficial information on how and when customers queue up to check out. This can garner lots of benefits when done correctly, ensuring that customers have a solid experience while also making sure they have had a little breathing room to peruse checkout items.

Companies that have properly handled queue management have done so with access to quality information. This is the cornerstone of success when it comes to customer satisfaction and conversions. The single most useful tool for this sort of customer monitoring is the utilization of the store’s internal camera system. These cameras can provide far more information than just security, when companies have gone through their log of footage over a decent amount of time they have begun to piece together average wait times lined up with certain times of the day. This has allowed them to modify their operations to reduce these moments of customer bottleneck and prolonged wait times.


Responsive Strategies

After having gained valuable information pertaining to customer queues, companies have been able to reassess their store’s curation and interior design. If they have noticed a bottleneck in one area that may deter others from shopping as they have no more room, they will have considered giving much more breathing room to fit in more customers for a popular selling item’s location. They may also have assigned additional cashiers during a peak time of customers in the store to better satisfy the demand and ensure faster checkout times.

  • Real time monitoring of traffic

  • First in-First out

  • Identify number of shoppers in store

  • Measure average shopping time

  • Predict when it will be queue 

  • Give the signal to staff up  / down

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