With predictive queue management, gaining productivity, profitability and customer loyalty provides significant competitive advantages. Knowing how many people are waiting to get served and how long it takes to serve them is very important. Customers do not like waiting in queues, and they get impatient after only 5 minutes. Lousy customer service can result in negative reviews.   To manage your queues and meet your customers’ expectations, you need to have real-time data for indicators like arrival rates, wait times, number of customers, traffic trends, service point’s use, service rates, and more.   With such information at hand, you will have the right data to analyze your queues and be able to effect a proper queue management system that will work. Here is why you need an active queue management system:

Improved Customer Experience

  Reducing waiting times enhances the customers’ experience. Once you know your stores’ peak time, you will know how many till counters should be working, and the number of staff to have in the store. This will limit delays. Thus, customer satisfaction is increased and provided repetition. The creation of customer loyalty also provides a significant competitive advantage. Increasing sales volumes and profitability is facilitated by queue management.


Better Service Delivery

  Having the right number of staff on board, especially during high traffic, helps in ensuring excellent service delivery. You will still be able to assist your customers in carrying their groceries to their cars if they need some help and at the same time bag the next customers’ groceries without keeping them waiting. You can maximize your service quality with predictive queue management. In addition, by preventing long queues, the abandonment rate is reduced. No loss of sales.



Optimized Working Efficiency

  Making decisions on your effective queue management is only possible when you first analyze the queues. With better service delivery and improved customer experience, you will not only have a better performance but a well-managed queue.   Long queues are a good problem, and it only means that you have the best. Yet, keeping the customers in the lines longer than they have to can lead to lost business. Get the right system that works for your store once you have analyzed your trends and improve the customer experience in all your stores.  Contact us today to learn more about this solution and how you can benefit from it.