We will normally achieve a minimum of

+4% sales increase 

BlueBox Shelf Optimizer

One of the main components of any successful retail store is its shelving. Presenting your products in a manner that is visually appealing while also simultaneously generating sales interest is a skill that is vital yet hard to master. The use of technology in order to modernize this aspect of retail has proven to be extremely valuable.

Shelving is more than just having your goods distributed in a convenient manner. Rather, it is a strategic process that seeks to achieve one or more goals. The first of these goals is to increase gross sales. This means that the product shelving will be arranged in such a way in order to create the best chance that the customer will decide to make a purchase at the end of their decision-making process. Generally, this means that similar products are grouped together in order to ensure that the needs of the shopper are met. Another potential outcome of shelving is to increase gross profit margins. Here the tactics are to make sure that more expensive, premium products are out at the forefront to catch the attention od customers who may not always consider them in their purchase set. It also helps make it smoother to sell to people who do regularly buy more expensive products. Whatever your goal may be, streamlining shelving can help you achieve it.


It can be tough to implement excellent shelving techniques on your own. Luckily, our BlueBox Shelf Optimizer will take the guesswork out of the equation. A thoroughly back-tested and proven product, the BlueBox uses advanced AI algorithms alongside rigorous A-B testing in order to tweak and refine your shelving until it reaches its best possible state. The BlueBox also comes with software that allows for visual performance indicators that make it easy to track data no matter how tech-savvy you are or are not.

The retail space is hyper-competitive, so finding any advantage will be plus to your business. The edge that optimized shelving gives is quite large. At a minimum, BlueBox achieves a four percent sales increase. That is just the floor. It is important for retailers, to continue to strive to be the best in order to maintain profits.

  • Based on 15 years of shelf optimization experiences

  • Processed A-B testing 

  • AI learning & solutions 

  • Real-time monitoring of any shelf.

  • Visual sales performance indicators​.

  • Sales, Quantity & Gross Profit 

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