We will normally achieve more than

10% increase in Conversion Rate

Our software supports most IP surveillance cameras. 

We can do our software installations remote to any place globally​.

We are the only company that calibrate every installation and secure a performance over 95%

Are working on new smart and inexpensive standard IP cameras . This makes us the most inexpensive supplier vin the market.

  • Increase TRAFFIC

  • Increase SALES 




People counting systems also know as footfalls are door or traffic counting systems which provide advanced analysis of movement in the store.

The counting is only viable as long as it provides exact and stable numbers, in other words – it must be reliable. The key to success in the business is the way in which the numbers are used to enhance the operation in the store, with conversion rate and traffic generation.

We have through the years in the field gained solid skill and insights into the best ways we can help our customers build their business. Link Analytix provides an easily understandable solution for tracking and processing the customers that enter the store.


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