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10% increase in conversion rate

People counting solutions has become one of the the most critical asset with the evolution of technology in the retail industry. This is because it ensures that stores move appropriately against the high competitive environment and changing customer behavior. It does not only counts people entering the store but also can be integrated with sales data. Thus, important data about the efficiency and performance of the store can be obtained.

Link Analytix provides the most accurate and low-cost people counting technology on today’s market thanks to the algorithm developed with unique artificial intelligence technology. Offering best-in-class data, this system turns traditional CCTC cameras into perfect counters. It is enriched with critical metrics such as staff exclusion, shopping time and occupancy, and has been developed for full store performance measurement.

RetailFlux people counting system offers the lowest cost and high accuracy on the market. With advanced artificial intelligence technology, CCTV cameras work just like a human brain. It includes critical features such as staff exclusion, occupancy, shopping time.


All retail operations require complete management. In this way, the needs of complete retail management, door counting technology cannot be discussed. Major tasks in retail management such as marketing and sales strategies, staff planning, inventory management, service quality can be better understood with people counting solutions.

  • Single-shopper journeys

  • Tracking of individual shoppers

  • Super low hardware cost

  • AI powered accuracy

  • Recognition common objects

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