We will normally achieve more than

10% increase in conversion rate

People counting solutions has become one of the most critical assets with the evolution of technology in the retail industry. It is more important than ever for retailing to be proactive in view of today’s competitive environment and rapidly evolving customer behavior. Shopper footfall and conversion reports provide essential information for today’s retail management decisions. Visitor counting numbers are combined with sales figures to arrive at conversion rates, which measure overall store performance.

The RetailFlux algorithm developed with unique artificial intelligence technology offers the best in class data. The system utilizes traditional CCTV cameras as perfect counters and includes key metrics, such as staff exclusion, shopping time, and real-time occupancy. Full performance measures may be accessed through the use of this system.

The RetailFlux people counting system offers the benefit of being compatible with existing CCTV cameras. The hardware and applications of this system are the most cost-effective on the market.


All retail operations require complete management. In this way, the needs of complete retail management, door counting technology cannot be discussed. Major tasks in retail management such as marketing and sales strategies, staff planning, inventory management, service quality can be better understood with people counting solutions.

  • Single-shopper journeys

  • Tracking of individual shoppers

  • Super low hardware cost

  • AI powered accuracy

  • Recognition common objects

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