Our customers requested a solution to regulate the number of customers inside their stores, so we have developed and installed this solution for them. The system is based on people counters -and is easy to install and use. The experiences so far are really good and it’s working as is supposed to do.

Occupancy data is a vital retail metric. It helps brand owners understand how customers use stores and allows them to leverage that information. Some businesses use occupancy data to inform staffing; others integrate the data into their marketing efforts.

Now, as COVID-19 sweeps the globe, live occupancy monitoring data is more important than ever. It isn’t only retail stores that should consider the metric, either. Even offices and other buildings need to address occupancy rates as they relate to COVID-19.


Why is Measuring Occupancy Crucial in the Time of COVID-19?

The Short-Term Picture: During The COVID19 Pandemic

Most of the country is, in some way or another, practicing social distancing. This is an effort– in response to COVID-19– to mitigate disease spread. A plethora of non-essential businesses have closed and gathering restrictions prevent large numbers of people from congregating.

For essential retailers (like grocery stores and banks), occupancy is more important than ever. These businesses have an obligation to manage and control the number of people inside their buildings at any one time. Without accurate occupancy measuring, this would be impossible.

Looking ahead

Lots of buildings and offices can leverage occupancy data to cut costs. If a building isn’t full, there’s likely no reason to be powering the entire structure as if it were.

Retailers can use occupancy data long-term to better understand their customers. This allows them to meet customers’ needs with ease, which drives profits and contributes to a healthy economy.

Neither of these, of course, is linked directly to COVID-19: but they’re certainly going to come into play as the world makes its slow return back to “normal.” Offices and retailers alike will need to save money to continue operations.

Live Occupancy Monitoring Systems From Link Analytix

We’re industry experts who offer our clients the opportunity to leverage the world’s most versatile occupancy analysis solution. With people counters in the entrance, we have developed a system to count people in and out of a location, and have control with occupancy and number of people inside. If recent shifts due to COVID-19 have left you in need of assistance complying with occupancy restrictions, contact us today for more information.

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