It takes a lot to manage a business. One of the biggest essentials is ensuring that you and your employees complete your tasks on time. Time management is no joke. There are only so many hours in the day. Everyone could use a system that reminds them of how or when to perform their duties. Something that tracks and helps your employees perform their tasks and manage their time. That’s why you need Bluebox Monitor.

BlueBox Monitor task management

Task Management

Nothing does it better than Bluebox Monitor. It’s a web-site that your employees log into. No install required! Once they’re registered, you can assign them tasks on the site and get real-time updates on their progress. You can choose a task for the following day or week. The employee assigned to it will receive information on what the task is when it should take place, and its deadline. Now your employee has everything they need to know in the palm of their hands. This helps them perform activities exactly as they should. In turn, this helps your business prosper.

bluebox_monitor_employee motivation

Store Operation

Once an employee has completed their task, they’ll upload a photo of it. Anyone can see the photo, allowing everyone to learn from each other. Now no one will go unnoticed. This boosts morale as well as improvement. You’re able to see how well they’ve performed the task with your own eyes.

Retail Data Analytics

The amount of data analytics provided by this one website guarantees to improve your business. Every employee will be equipped with the details they need, which allows them to perform better. You’ll even have a full review of their activities from your dashboard. If anyone isn’t doing their job, you’ll know. Now you can draw your own conclusions on each employee based on the analytics they provide.

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