The importance of people counting in retail and grocery is indisputable today. For years people have been saying that the brick-and-mortar retail industry was soon to be nonexistent. It is now 2020 and that could not be further from the truth. Thanks to improvements in technology, retail stores have been able to increase profits and boost customer satisfaction. One such method used to improve the industry is the application of people counting technology.

What is a People Counter?

A people counter is an electronic device that measures the number of people that traverse a particular passage or entrance. The device itself can be a number of things, including infrared sensors, manual clickers, or thermal imaging systems. In recent years, businesses have been utilizing video and counting systems. Video counting systems use a camera and complex software to count the number of people entering the store.




How Does People Counter Help?

Using the data collected by a people counting device, a store manager can determine the number of things. A people counter counting the number of people that walk by the store and another counting the number that walks in the store can tell the manager whether or not their store is attracting enough people from the outside. A low ratio may convince the manager to improve their store’s outside aesthetics, for example.

Advertisements paired with people counters can be powerful analytic tools. A store manager can compare the average number of people entering their store before and after a particular ad campaign to determine the effectiveness of that advertisement.

A people counter can determine which times of a day are the busiest, allowing a manager to adjust employee lunch breaks. Adjusted employee lunch breaks will lead to more employees on the floor helping customers during their busiest hours, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

These are just a few examples of how people counting technology can help boost a brick-and-mortar retail store. Advances in technology will continue to keep these businesses compete with online retailers.

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