Heat map analytics tracks shoppers and creates a summary of their activities in stores. Using retail analytics enables retailers, shopkeepers, managers or owners to understand variables like the number of customers who have passed through any zone in the store and the time spent.

What Do Retailers Get?

  • A detailed heat map report that is easy to understand and advanced.
  • All dimensions of the store interactions.
  • Design glitches in the store and any mental fences that exist.
  • Impression passerby has and any dwelling events.
  • Effortlessly identifies cold and hot spots.

What Exactly is a Heat Map?

This is the graphical representation of individual value. The matrix is visualized through colors where different colors have different meanings or demonstrate a particular value for various data. In return, the heat maps help retailers know the bottlenecks and dead areas in their stores.

How Does Heat Map Work?

The heat map takes images captured by the surveillance cameras or the retail IP cameras to help the store manager make sense of the customer traffic pattern during real-time or at a particular time. The information is collected from anywhere in the retail store network.


Benefits of Using a Heat Map?

Gives retailers a clear view of the trafficked areas and customer patterns to help stores improve their services or customer service techniques. Retailers

can use detailed analytics to improve their marketing techniques and promotional activities. Retailers can improve their services to meet customer demands by using traffic data from customer buying habits and behavior.

Retailers realize a positive change in customer flow and average sales value. The heat map analytics uses both flexible and scalable network cameras. Plus, the cameras are cost-effective and gives a concrete solution via the analytics.

The live analytic tool can monitor the website visitors and helps retailers gather the necessary information to understand the customer better by knowing what they click and the items they give more attention too.

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