Having the information you need at your fingertips is the first step you have to take in order to build the best marketing strategy possible for your business. Going in blind, or with faulty information, is a good way to end up with a strategy that doesn’t actually do much for your business.

Enough Traffic, But No Sales. WHY?

That’s where retail analytics come in. Retail analytics are designed to give you the information you need; demand, supply, movement, sales, and beyond. Plenty of stores have more than enough traffic, but can’t manage to convert those visits into sales. That’s because they lack the insight to see what those customers have entered the store for, where they’ve gone inside of the store, and dozens of other varying factors.

heat map

Not being able to properly use targeted sales strategies, in as efficient a way as possible, is a problem that many businesses face. The solution to that problem is retail analytics.

Everything affects sales!

Everything affects sales. Whether you realize it or not, every little action by an employee, or even the exact placement of posters, can have a significant impact on your sales. Without video and retail analysis, these people are often more-or-less blind in their actions. They can make an educated guess at what would be the best choice to make for sales, but it’s just that. A guess. Without the proper tools for information gathering at their disposal, they just can’t expect to be able to make the best and most efficient choices.

Increase Your Sales!

With the insight granted by retail analytics, you can increase your conversion rate, that’s how many of your visitors turn into buyers, severalfold. If that wayward visitor that wanders into your store and looks around finds their eyes naturally drawn to a prominently located in-store poster designed to appeal to them by retail analytics, which had its location determined by retail analytics, then someone that would have just browsed and then left can be converted into a buyer.

With the proper use of analytics, business for your store can increase by more than you’d expect. With just small changes, as indicated by retail analytics, you can expect as much as a 70% increase in your sales, if not more. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more information.