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4-15% sales increase

Heat Maps – Warm & Cold Zones

Any wise decision is built upon solid information, and this is no different when it comes to business decisions. When designing your retail experience for your customers you need to base your choices around data generated from the actions of customers, two solid bits of information when it comes to this are what are known as heat maps and shopper flow. Heat mapping is the activity of tracking where shoppers have spent their time while in the store. This is then divided into three main events referred to as passersby, impressions, and dwell events.

Passersby are denoted by those who just walked around the store having passed time, not too interested in much of anything. Impressions are those shoppers who have stopped to take a look at certain products or locations. Finally, dwell events are when a shopper has spent at least five minutes in one location, usually having examined a product in depth. These three activities are then logged and culminate into a colored overlay of your store’s floor plan which will be colored from green to red tracking cold areas to hot areas, respectively.


Shopper Flow –  Where Do People Go?

Shopper flow analyzes and visualizes customer activities on the floor in your entire store by using multiple cameras as well as including the number of passersby and dwell time.

Shopper flow is a collection of predictions based on patterns shoppers have exhibited. It can be broken down into arrows showing the direction shoppers have walked throughout the store and can even feature percentages of the flow of shoppers, for instance, 33% have stepped to the left, 50% to the middle and 17% have stepped to the right. This information can combine expertly with heat maps to best optimize your store layout for efficient customer acquisition and sales.


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