What can Link Analytix do for my business?2019-06-26T14:46:50+00:00

Link Analytix provides unique insights in your customers behavior pattern. This data can be used to optimize shelves, placement of A-products, in what manner of pattern you want your customers to move in the store. You can easily detect if there are certain zones in your store that receives less attention from your customers. How much each customer spends, and how long they stay in your store.

What are competitive differences solutions of Link Analytix?2019-06-26T14:46:35+00:00

The difference between Link Analytix and other companies stems from it long-standing background of consulting companies in the Retail sector. Link Analytix understands not only software, but also which business questions the analytic software tools need to answer in order to give their clients the insight they require.

Where can I access the data?2019-06-26T14:46:15+00:00

The data can easily be accessed with a browser, or by an application on your preferred device.

In which industries are Link Analytix solutions being used?2019-06-26T14:45:59+00:00

The solutions provided by Link Analytix are mainly used in retail, such as shopping malls, convenience stores, etc.

However, the solutions are also applicable for events such as concerts and amusement parks as well as office spaces and “smart cities”.

What kind of support services does Link Analytix provide?2019-06-26T14:45:31+00:00

Link Analytix provides continuously monitoring of the installed systems and will contact the store or customer if an issue occurs. An automatic email will normally be sent out, with suggestions of how to solve the issue on your own.

If the issue is of a larger complexity, a technician will be requested to visit the store.

What are the most commonly used analytics in retail for in-store operation?2019-06-26T14:45:12+00:00

Link Analytix provides large scale customer analyses, such as customer counting, heat-maps, shopper-flow and miscellaneous sales data tools.

How do I reach technical support?2019-06-26T14:44:32+00:00

Technical support can either be reached by e-mail submission or calling the service-number.

How does Link Analytix affects my sales?2019-06-26T14:44:00+00:00

Link Analytix will provide you with the necessary insight in order to improve your business and increase your sales by having the right kind of knowledge about what in-store marketing activities work on your shoppers.

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