Customers form the foundation of every business and providing customer experience according to their expectations should be your top priority.

When consumers visit a shopping center, they are primarily there to buy different products and services. At the same time, they have an expectation regarding the service level and attention provided. You want a customer to leave your store with an intention to come back. Customer service is only one part of the entire customer experience. Given the impact digital retail has today, pre- and post-sales need to become an integrated part of your brick-and-mortar strategy. Before you had to go to the store to buy a product. This is not the case today – you can more or less buy anything online. The consequence is that the store or shopping center has to offer something more than what the shopper is offered when shopping for the same item online.

Customer Experience (CX) is the overall quality, perception about the products and services you offer and the impact you have on the consumer after an interaction.

Great CX has a positive impact by helping you achieve better customer retention, lower operating cost, increased sales, lower turnover of your staff – all in all, better performance. The question is, how do you keep up with the ever-changing expectations of your customers?

Customer Experience Strategy

The best business strategy is to have a satisfied customer. Here are a few strategies that can help improve the customer experience when visiting your store.

Profiling Your Customers

Understanding the movements of your customers while in your stores will provide insight to enable you to give your customers a good experience. This can be done by using video analytics.
Install CCTV cameras to record the movements of the customers while they visit you. By analyzing the videos, you will understand where your visitors go/ don´t go when visiting your location.
Except for the fact that the shopper’s behavior and needs will be changing in an ever-growing speed. To stand a chance you need to think ahead and be willing to constantly change your ways.

Hire the Right People

Employees are the face of excellent customer experience. Hire people who have good interpersonal skills, hence can relate better with your customers. The degree of knowledge required by employees is very important when physical shopping is challenged by online shopping.
CCTV recording in the shopping center can be used to analyze interactions between the employees and customers. They can work on their mistakes to improve customer experience.
Realtime CCTV solutions will also enable you to distribute tasks to employees to alert them when the store experiences an unexpected number of visitors. The same goes to alert employees to avoid sold out of shelf situations.

Create A Brand Experience

When ordering a pair of shoes online these can be picked up at the post office 2-3 days later. Many stores are unable to compete with this for ordered products. If you are able to solve the logistics around ordered products you have taken an important step against the competition from online shopping.
While in-store experience forms the foundation for CX, staying in contact with the customer also outside your store is crucial. There are tools that you can use to leverage CX.


These tools include;

Live chat: is an effective tool for improving CX since customers are offered real-time solutions to their queries. Monitor and categorize questions asked to update your FAQs.

Self-service management:

Providing knowledge bases and FAQs will make the customers feel like they are in control. When efficiently managed and updated, it will prevent unnecessary calls and queries.

Social Media support:

On these platforms, there exist both current and potential customers. Use it to spread awareness about your products and services. Also useful in monitoring conversations and complaints so that you can improve.

Mobile Customer support:

Almost everyone uses a mobile device nowadays. They use them to search for products and services. The Experience they get from the interactions will determine how they view your business.

A business can’t exist without customers. While this is true; it’s essential to know that the shopper’s expectations are higher than ever. Providing exceptional customer experience will be an uphill task if you don’t have the right tools and the right people to help you.

Link Analytix provides retailers with digital measuring tools that have been developed to provide you with the necessary insight to enable growth by tapping into the customer experience. Contact us today for insight into both the sales process and the shopper experience.