Business needs to study the flow of customers on their premises. This is because it facilitates strategic planning based on what is working, what is not working, and what can be improved. Customer Flow Analysis and people counting system help shopkeepers to understand the actual behavior patterns and common path of customers in your store, such as traffic number, visited and interesting areas, dwell time, or loyalty. Online store owners can know their customers better – correctly recognizing them by location, remembering their last few purchases, or dynamically customizing the storefront to showcase relevant products. Retailers are now enabling their physical storefronts to provide a similar level of personalization. Retail Video Analytics gives you a comprehensive analysis of movement in your store.

What are the advantages of installing a people/customer counting system on your premises?

Traffic Flow and Occupancy

It is crucial to understand more about the traffic flow of your retail store. Bu understanding the traffic flow of the store, the manager can know what areas need improvement. For instance;

  • What is the most popular spot in your store?
  • Which spaces do the customer rarely visit?
  • Is the layout of the store impeding traffic and what areas can be improved?

The occupancy tracking system comprises high-tech people-counting sensors that anonymously count and track those entering and exiting your store. It then calculates the store’s occupancy rate as per its capacity. Occupancy Signs system ensures that shoppers, employees, and store visitors have the space that they need to stay safe. For more detail please visit;


Customer Profiling and Branding

The people/customer counting system will help you identify your target market. By better analysis of your customer’s product appeal, you will get to understand your customers’ tastes and preferences and get to meet their needs better.

Identifying the popular aisles in your store will help in identifying the spaces that are attracting customers and why? It will also help in comparing the various layout strategies of the various outlets of a chain. This means that the technology will help in improving marketing and display strategies and consequently increase sales.

Labor Optimization

The real-time customer counting in your store will resort to real-time allocating of labor for more efficiency. It will also help identify the peak periods of your store. You will get to enhance efficiency in your premises and have more satisfied customers.

Profit Maximization

A retail customer counting system will enable you to minimize costs and increase your profit margin. With a better understanding of your customers, you will know which products you need to sell more and how to sell them. You will also get a better understanding of how many employees you actually need to enhance efficiency in your store.

Reliable statistics will help you to improve operations in your store. Contact us today for more information on the products.