2020 will forever be remembered as a cursed year, a year that the powers-that-be decided would reek ruin on the world. COVID-19 has knocked the world off its feet. Life, both social and professional, may never return to the way it was. Businesses have been hit hard by the financial blows this pandemic has dealt with. Health and Fitness Clubs and Gyms have been particularly targeted by the hardships, both large corporations, and family-owned local operations. Business strategies have had to adjust to a rapidly-changing marketplace, the cost had to be cut as revenue plummeted and membership payments were deferred or forgiven during non-operative months.

Gyms and the like are reopening under strict government guidelines such as reduced occupancy limits and social distancing requirements. The importance of efficient operating is higher than it has ever been. A customer counter is crucial to running the safest and most efficient business possible.


High-Volume Hours

The utilization of a customer counter may provide you with hard numbers showing what hours your business gets the most of its traffic. Knowing this can help you plan your events, classes, and promotions to flatten the traffic curve and maintain a more consistent level of occupancy.

High-Volume Areas

Identifying your high-volume hours can be more specific than just the number of people within your gym, but can also provide data on traffic within specific areas. This can be used to maximize sanitation in the areas that need it most, not only ensuring the safety of your customers but also reducing your cleaning cost.

Legal Safety

With reduced occupancy limits, it is important to keep track of the number of people in your business. Not only does failure to comply with risk the health of your customers, but you also run the risk of legal repercussions. A staff member could be assigned to keep track of occupancy, but people can make mistakes or get distracted and not keep the correct number. With customer counting technology, you avoid this risk.

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