Know Your Customers, Analyze, Act and Boost Your Business.

Link Analytix AS is a subsidiary of the consulting agency BigBlue&Company.

Link Analytix is a retail analytics solution provider located in Oslo, Norway. We provide retailers and vendors with digital measuring tools to identify growth. Our products and services have been developed in order to provide our customers with the necessary insight to enable growth.

Our experience is that many important decisions are taken and implemented without enough insight and basis for decision making.
Although a lot of information is being documented, both retailers and vendors lack valuable insight into key areas.

Link Analytix offers products and services that provide insight into both the sales process and the shopper experience.

We also deliver services for live tracking of campaigns and POS data.

Meet Our Team

Jan Hillesland
Jan HilleslandChief Executive Officer
+47 926 01 222
Espen Thømming
Espen ThømmingChief Operations Officer
+47 951 49 885
Sverre Meinich-Bache
Sverre Meinich-BacheChief Commercial Officer
+47 909 71 319
Sławomir Kreczmański
Sławomir KreczmańskiChief Data Scientist
Nils Kollandsrud
Nils KollandsrudBusiness Intelligence Architect
Umut Çınar
Umut ÇınarComputer Vision Architect
Simon Fossum
Simon FossumOperations Manager
Karl Rossevik
Karl RossevikOperations Manager
Ingrid Narum Tveito
Ingrid Narum TveitoProject Manager
 Eivind Lunde
Eivind LundeProject manager
Hedda Olivia Langlien
Hedda Olivia LanglienProject manager
Mark Ploeger
Mark PloegerTechnical Manager Field Operations
Ivan Gorbachev
Ivan GorbachevProject Manager Field Operations
Deniz Çetin
Deniz ÇetinDigital Marketing Manager
Helen Mazanova
Helen MazanovaGraphic Designer
Jon Tøien
Jon TøienGraphic Consultant
Lars Erik Lindseth
Lars Erik LindsethSenior Software Engineer
Igor Kuznetsov
Igor KuznetsovSoftware Engineer
Mete Eroğlu
Mete EroğluSoftware Engineer
Elzbieta Zoclonska
Elzbieta ZoclonskaSoftware Engineer
Ivanna Ishchenko
Ivanna IshchenkoSoftware Engineer
Roman Mukhovskyi
Roman MukhovskyiData Scientist
Ismail Ouro Akpo
Ismail Ouro AkpoTechnical Support Engineer