Know your customers, analyze, act and boost your business.

Link Analytix is a technology firm that provides modern and effective solutions for those in the retail space. Based out of Oslo, Norway, Link Analytix helps brick-and-mortar stores grow their sales by using data analysis and advanced metrics in order to get the best results possible. We know that it can be difficult to understand all the figures at hand, so we have designed easy to use software with clear interfaces that allow those who may not be the most technically savvy to use our tools to help their store. Our top-notch team of software engineers and data scientists take great pride in empowering our customers and helping them reach their goals. We offer a wide range of products and services that fit whatever needs our users to have.


Retail Video Analytics

One of the most beneficial and simple processes one can do to optimize their store is to use retail video analytics. This activity allows the cameras that were likely already up to be used for an extra advantage. Important information like shopper flow, heat mapping, and route mapping will supply actionable data that can in turn be used to strategically boost sales. Also, our advanced A.I. technology will automatically exclude staff from data collection to ensure that they do not throw things off.

Optimizing Stores and Malls

Link Analytix has everything needed in order to get the best performance out of a retail store or mall. Every individual part, from the shelving, promotions, communication between employees, traffic, conversion rates, customer behavior, and more, can be properly cataloged by a version of our cutting edge BlueBox software. This will give store owners the vital information they need in order to design a better and more profitable shop. This will give a large advantage over others who do not use this technology.

The hyper-competitive nature of the retail space requires store runners to try to find a leg up wherever possible. Link Analytix can give you that leg up. There is nothing that we like more than seeing a struggling store turn it around or a successful store soar to new heights.

Meet our team

Jan Hillesland
Jan HilleslandChief Executive Officer
+47 926 01 222
Espen Thømming
Espen ThømmingChief Operations Officer
+47 951 49 885
Sverre Meinich-Bache
Sverre Meinich-BacheChief Commercial Officer
+47 909 71 319
Sławomir Kreczmański
Sławomir KreczmańskiChief Data Scientist
Nils Kollandsrud
Nils KollandsrudBusiness Intelligence Architect
Umut Çınar
Umut ÇınarComputer Vision Architect
Simon Fossum
Simon FossumOperations Manager
Karl Rossevik
Karl RossevikOperations Manager
Mark Ploeger
Mark PloegerTechnical Manager Field Operations
Ivan Gorbachev
Ivan GorbachevProject Manager Field Operations
Deniz Çetin
Deniz ÇetinDigital Marketing Manager
Jon Tøien
Jon TøienGraphic Consultant
Lars Erik Lindseth
Lars Erik LindsethSenior Software Engineer
Igor Kuznetsov
Igor KuznetsovSoftware Engineer
Ivanna Ishchenko
Ivanna IshchenkoSoftware Engineer
Ismail Ouro Akpo
Ismail Ouro AkpoTechnical Support Engineer