BlueBox Sales  – Real-Time Sales on Your Mobile Phone

For every business, it´s as important to avoid lost sales to increase sales. BlueBox software gatherers real-time data of your business’s sales performance. Sales activities are key to allow your business to move onto new markets, as well as developing new strategies. With this, you can optimize the way you display your products and easily define the best and worst sellers of the day. This allows your business to easily and rapidly come up with a solution if there is any sort of operational problem in your store.

The application provides an advanced dashboard you can easily access and see all results of store activities.

You can not take back lost sales!

BlueBox Sales presents real-time data from your stores in a simple and customized interface.

According to your priorities, BlueBox Sales is set up to send key information to your employees’ mobile phones.

Enabling your employees to react to operational issues immediately and at the same time maintain their focus to increase everyday sales.


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