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One of the most important performance metrics in retail is being able to complete tasks in a timely and effective manner. Stocking shelves, positioning displays, and other activities that contribute to the day-to-day running of a retail store will help in creating conditions for short and long term success. The BlueBox Monitor is an excellent tool that allows for the streamlining of these important tasks.

Connecting Employees

Communication between frontline workers and those higher up in the chain allows for work to be completed smoothly. The BlueBox Monitor bridges the gap between these two sets of people with easy to use the software. Those in the store simply have to log in to the BlueBox Monitor dashboard on their smartphone, tablet, or other devices to see the designated tasks assigned for that day. They are also given set due dates for the completion of said tasks, allowing them to budget their time as need be. Once the task is completed, they can take a picture of their output (example: A fully stocked display) and send it to a superior through the BlueBox Monitor software.


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Easy Feedback

In addition to allowing for the direction of tasks, BlueBox Monitor also facilitates communication between front end workers and those on the corporate side of the business. This allows for the optimizing of tasks to make sure that everything is just right. For example, data may reveal that consumers are more likely to be drawn to a display when certain products are positioned near the front of it. It is unlikely that a worker would know this. But, if they were to send a picture of the display (picture sharing is a major function of BlueBox Monitor) to senior officials, said higher-ups would be able to see exactly how it is being stocked and presented to customers. They can then in turn direct the front-end worker to create the most optimal conditions possible. This will give a leg up on the competition who do not have access to this attention to detail.

Another aspect of the BlueBox Monitor is that it allows for the recognition of the great work done by employees in the store itself. This will boost morale in the workforce, making them more productive. It will also create a dialogue between groups of workers (front end and corporate) who generally do not interact as much, allowing for better synergy.

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