Retail has progressed into the digital age. Decision-makers must now use technology and data in order to effectively conduct marketing activities and drive sales. Our BlueBox software and the suite of products that accompany it provide the value needed to bring a retail store to the next level and compete in this era of digital commerce.

How It Works

BlueBox uses real-time data from the store’s point-of-sale system and in-store scanning to collect relevant information about daily operations. This information is then plugged into an advanced AI algorithm in order to produce important details. For example, the Perfect Shelves product will track the popularity of each product in each aisle of your store, allowing for the identification of high and low activity zones. BlueBox Perfect Promotions is another function that can help optimize the usage of discounts and advertising. Whatever the retail-related issue is, BlueBox can tackle it and get results.


Ease of Use

It is totally understandable to be overwhelmed by the amount of data at hand. That is why BlueBox is designed to have an easy-to-read interface that anyone, regardless of technical experience, can use. One does not need to have a degree in data science in order to use the BlueBox to create value for their store. The clear cut recommendations and numbers produced by the software are all that is needed to start making decisions that will translate to improved profitability and sustainability. Installation is a similarly smooth process. A powerful network of devices is not needed to run BlueBox. Instead, the software can easily be installed on the average smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Any worry about competitors gaining access to data does not need to weigh on the user’s mind. BlueBox is heavily encrypted and runs on protected servers, ensuring security. Each BlueBox feature, from services relating to shelving, promotions, placement, and more, will bring a boost to sales.

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