Start Your Retail Revolution

In Link Analytix, we use different tools to identify growth. These tools are being used by both retailers and vendors.
We mainly use digital measuring tools in our work. Our tools provide our clients with the right business information for their decision making.

Who is Link Analytix?

Our products and services has been developed in order to provide our customers with the necessary insight to enable growth.
Link Analytix offer products and services that provides insight into both the sales process and the shopper experience. We also deliver services for live tracking of campaigns and POS data.

What is BlueBox?

BlueBox comes as a computer version for management with access to real time analysis that will help you make fact based decisions. When your company deals with a large number of transactions each day you need to constantly adjust and optimize. BlueBox provides you with unique analysis for activity planning by comparing the results of different stores in real time.

Be outstanding! Touch the store.

Discover, understand and boost the potential.

Optimize your In-Store!

How does the shoppers behave in your store, where do they walk and which areas in your store are not visited?

Our analysis show that the shoppers only visits 20-40% of the store area!

We provide advanced analytic software that visualize shopper behaviors on your store.

Boost Sales!

Our experience is that many important decisions are taken and implemented without enough insight and basis for decision making.
Although a lot of information is being documented, both retailers and vendors lack valuable insight in key areas.

Use In-Store Cameras to extract shopper’s insights


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