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Key Success Factors of Retail in an Increasingly Online World

When it comes to retail locations, the playing field has changed drastically over the years. Today, with online shopping and Internet-based stores popping up daily, both new and established traditional stores need to focus their efforts if they want to be successful. The best way of doing this is by understanding the key success factors […]

Why Should Shopping Malls Use People Counters?

Evaluating marketing campaign effectiveness can not rely solely on sales figures. Increased foot traffic must be taken into account. Not all shoppers will buy on the first visit. They also may spend on other than the target merchandise or vendor. Using targeted sales data alone, therefore, is an incomplete indicator of shoppers pulled in CPM […]

Optimize Your Store Layout with StoreFlux

Through painstaking observation, researchers have pinned down general shopper behaviors in retail spaces. Knowing these habits and applying them to store layouts will increase the amount of customer purchases. Applications of heatmap analytics in retail also confirm these behaviors and can more accurately pinpoint where, when, and for how long customers dwell in certain spots in […]

Sustaining high shopper traffic

With the rising popularity of online shopping, it’s more important than ever for brick and mortar stores to attract and maintain a healthy customer base. Anyone in retail will tell you that there are many challenges associated with operating a retail store on a daily basis, with one of the biggest and most important being […]

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