Retailflux Flow

Optimize your floor plan!

How does the shopper behave in your store, where do they walk and which areas in your store are not visited? Our analysis show that the shopper only visits 20-40% of the store area.

Retail Flux Flow is an advanced analytic software that visualize shopper flow on the floor plan of your store. Retail Flux Flow track every shopper in the store and analyse their movements and behaviour – where they pass by, where they stop and time spent in different zones. The shopper behaviour is reported live in a heatmap format. Allowing results to be benchmarked in terms of different time intervals.

Zones in the store are defined and Retail Flux Flow reports all zone activity. How many shoppers passed the zone, how many of them stopped, where they stopped and the average time spent in a zone.  Retail Flux Flow will also give you information about what products the shopper showed an interest for. Retail Flux Flow gives you answers, and make it easy for you to optimize your floorplan and store!

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