Retailflux Count

It´s all about your conversion rate!

RetailFlux Count is not yet another door counter. In fact, it is much more with its unique analytic skills. It is developed for the most challenging retail environment scenarios. With its innovative features, Retail Flux Count are proved at more than 2000 distinct installation sites. We focused on the final value delivered to our customers and ended up with the handiest people counting solution.

We do not focus on the counter data itself, but how the counter data can be used to optimize your store. We focus on the conversion rate! How many of your visitors do actually buy something? With Retail Flux Count you´ll uncover each store´s potential of improvement, whether it is a traffic- or operational problem.

Retail Flux Count will perfectly adapt itself to your store conditions eliminating errors due to shadowing and illumination. The video analytic engine used has a 96% of demonstrable counting accuracy.

Whether you have one- or a thousand stores, it´s no problem! Thanks to Retail Flux Counts reliable cloud technology, you will have complete supervision on your business.

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