BlueBox Sales

You can´t take back your lost sales!

BlueBox Sales is a software that collects real time data of your stores performance.

What is todays bestseller, which display sells best, which does not sell – and is your new marketing campaign working?

BlueBox Sales provides you with answers, and you can handle operational issues instantly.

If a product is not selling you don´t need to wait until the end of the week – check it out immediately and find a better solution.

With BlueBox Sales on your mobile phone you and your employees have access to detailed real time sales data enabling you to have a complete overview of your overall performance.

BlueBox Sales also comes as a computer version for management with access to real time analysis that will help you make fact based decisions. When your company deals with a large number of transactions each day you need to constantly adjust and optimize.

Therefore, you need a precise and stable tool you can rely on – and that is what you´ll get with BlueBox Sales.

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