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Completing daily tasks on time is one of the essentials of any successful business. BlueBox Monitor was developed to make it easier to manage tasks and get real time updates from your employees. There is no need for any installation or IT assistance. You just log in on to the BlueBox Monitor webpage and you´re ready to start.

You can choose a task for the following day or week and simply assign it to another BlueBox Monitor user. The user receives precise information of what the task is, where it takes place and the deadline.

When a task is completed the user sends a photo documentation to be registered and recognized. In this way nobody’s work in the store/ chain of stores goes unnoticed and the process enables you to learn from each other. All the photos of the different tasks completed go directly to your dashboard, where you have a full overview of all the activities and their status of fulfilment. In this way you can give immediate feedback to any of your employees, and further organize your day with live updates.

BlueBox Monitor is the useful tool you need to manage your tasks.

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